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My Eclipse

by Bojan

Basic info

Need for Speed World
Car: Mitsubishi Eclipse GT
Date added: Sunday, 21. March 2010
Description: First car in NFS World.


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skyline95 Croatia
skyline95`s avatar

Comments posted: 3959
Date joined: July 2007
Last active: 2183 days ago
by skyline95 on 22. March 2010 00:21
Hehe. I made an Eclipse which was pretty amazing, but then the server went down for an hour. I wanted to kill them XD
Reemus Slovakia
Reemus`s avatar

Comments posted: 9039
Date joined: April 2007
Last active: 3138 days ago
by Reemus on 1. April 2010 01:21
They dont cuz me 2nd time may be next...nice start
by INTERCEPTOR on 21. September 2010 17:05 • Given 4*

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