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My 350Z

by Bojan

Basic info

Need for Speed World
Car: Nissan 350Z (Z33)
Date added: Saturday, 2. October 2010
Description: my current ride (apart from the rentals) in World


350z    nissan    world    

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Stam Slovakia
Stam`s avatar

Comments posted: 289
Date joined: September 2010
Last active: 2905 days ago
by Stam on 2. October 2010 21:14
BloodCry New Zealand
Comments posted: 639
Date joined: September 2010
Last active: 1436 days ago
by BloodCry on 3. October 2010 04:43 • Given 3*
haha its a bit toooo basic for my likings
Reemus Slovakia
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Comments posted: 9039
Date joined: April 2007
Last active: 3138 days ago
by Reemus on 3. October 2010 15:10 • Given 4*
I think that I race with U ..or 100% saw U I think that car looks ok but unfinished for me ...I like rim colour..
I have red 240SX with black top and silver rims with grey middle
Bojan Slovenia
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Alien from outer space

Comments posted: 297
Date joined: November 2005
Last active: 18 days ago
by Bojan on 5. October 2010 01:09
I might have seen you, but I didn't notice
I've mostly been doing pursuit and only recently started with online races (since they introduced the quick match).
But yea, the car is quickly done just to make it non-stock. I kinda find the vinyl editor a bit time consuming.

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