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Elise on Fire

by Shwarz

Basic info

Need for Speed World
Car: Lotus Elise
Date added: Wednesday, 25. January 2012
Description: Yes its Elise with classic flames. Tried lots of variations over the long time i had the car and this came out nicely the way i like it.
It has:
-Old classic bodykit from when it was IGC and year1 plate
-Black tint, Enkei rims and orangeflames neon to fit the theme
-Black base color with classic flames on the front, sides, back and some fancy one that i liked and fitted on the roof
-Logos of pro part manufacturers that i made and fitted them nicely on the back sides


elise    flames    lotus    

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zip_mdd Moldova
zip_mdd`s avatar

Comments posted: 5336
Date joined: January 2008
Last active: 1028 days ago
by zip_mdd on 28. January 2012 00:09
hmmm... i got the point... but your execution isn't that good... :|
TRANSFORMER Russian Federation

Comments posted: 1053
Date joined: October 2010
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by TRANSFORMER on 3. February 2012 16:36 • Given 3*
Well it's not that bad, but Flames onto the Roof?!?

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