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Ballsy camaro by Milkman1138
[Drift] Nissan 240sx (s13) by Afterdawn
Works Chevrolet Corvette Z06 by T43Doctor
best drift car by bobby_official
by zafictus
Lotus Exige S by santj1600
by coupedeville83
B-Class LP640 by coupedeville83
Works converted CCX by coupedeville83
Works converted LP640 by coupedeville83

Top Class A

[Untitled] by Terronium 12
GT-R SpecV (R35) by WolfsBlade127
Race Setup Bugatti by Hemp
Works converted LP640 by coupedeville83
murcielago lp 640 Works rating 10+ by honke

Top Class B

*Race Mode* Drift Lexus ISF by rtxus
Powerslide Evolution IX MR by ElvenAvenger
All purpose Gallardo - Turbo Version by Laughlyn
DRIFT Toyota Supra - London Millenium Drift by VVV Magictap
Focus rs B(Works converted) by Kosepan

Top Class C

Nissan S13 Beginners Drift by Broxia
best drift car by bobby_official
All purpose Audi TT Quatro by Laughlyn
Modified Focus "Black Tri-Star" by Laughlyn
200sx Drift Setup by YaelDjiel

Top Class D

D Class Megane RS (hopefully) Final tune by Laughlyn
D-class Corolla by coupedeville83
Fastest D class car? by murcGuru

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by rickk on 8. March 2012 17:46
Everything worked just fine here. If only things were that simple with real cars too. I just got a call from the car service where I left my car and they told me it needs new liners. Now I was actually doing some research on [url=]Husky liners[/url]. I'd appreciate any advice on that. Thanks!
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by Crazee on 3. May 2012 13:32
Any chance at ever getting any Drag Setups :?:
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by tanakanori on 8. August 2012 23:04
I have got to know the new website in Japan for assessing the used cars through reliable used car assessment company and it is here.

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