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Latest setups

1992 Nissan 240SX PROSKILL by MichalRadosh
2008 Renault Megane RS PROSKILL by MichalRadosh
2000 Honda S2000 - PROSKILL by MichalRadosh
2006 Audi S4 - PROSKILL by MichalRadosh
Mazda RX-8 - PROSKILL by MichalRadosh
M3 GTS Tune: One of the most Predictable Handling Cars! by diog
The LFA: The Ultimate Class-A Pursuit Setup! [749] by diog
by mkpower12
by gotP0P0
Challenger concept from hell by preworks

Top unrestricted

AWD Murcie Power by Bojan
MeaNFacE's Zonda R by iTz_MeaNFacE
MeaNFacE's LP-640 by iTz_MeaNFacE
best car ever by mlee6050
koenigsegg ccx xbox360 Dakota Tri Oval by diesel54
Z06.R by Terronium 12
Operation 16.4 by Terronium 12
Ol' Thumper by GT3x24x7
omegadef11 2010 zondo r by Omegadef11
Like the wind. by Terronium 12

Top rating below 14

Like Butter by GT3x24x7
C2 CERV by Terronium 12
Audi TT - Reworked by iTz_MeaNFacE
E46 MM-Spec by GT3x24x7
Sub-14.00 GT-R SpecV by Skroting
Audi RS4 by GT3x24x7
RX-7 by Terronium 12
omegadef11 2011 dodge viper tune by Omegadef11
Audi R8RS LMS by hunkeer87
omegadef11 2011 nissanspecV TUNE by Omegadef11

Top rating below 10

Evo MR by Terronium 12
E36 Works by GT3x24x7
New Muscle by Orkbulrog13
2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STi by mkpower12
Audi TT v2 by GT3x24x7
Shelby GT 500 by MotorSport
Old Timer Cosworth update by G27
Spuuukies DB9 <10 by spuuukie
2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR by mkpower12
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolu tion lX MR Updated 22/8/20/12 by markbudgie12

Top rating below 6

Perfect 6.00 370Z by pixel_geist
Mitsubishi Evo X by GT3x24x7
2009 Mazda MX-5 by markbudgie12
audi s3 rating 6 by mpirmpatis
0 by stoner4201
1992 BMW M3 E36 by MotorSport

Top rating below 4

Nissan 240SX by GT3x24x7
2008 Scion tC by mkpower12
BMW M3 E36 Drift King by DarrenR21373
2007 Ford Focus ST by markbudgie12
pimp renault 4 by stoner4201
The Puppy Car for Ratting 4 Online Race by gallu79
ford focus st rating 4 by mpirmpatis
online puppy by michael-czerw